Critical knowledge for critical times

The mission of SexGenLab is to build and disseminate knowledge about sexuality and gender to the public, policy makers and fellow scholars. Our work positions the most cutting-edge sexuality and gender issues beyond problems, risks and minimization, and towards resilience, strength and well-being to be leveraged for social justice, social supports and human rights.

We are a community of critical psychologists who draw on critical theory and other social science disciplines. We are comprised of Dr. Deborah Tolman, faculty member of the Critical Social Psychology program at CUNY, and doctoral students. We seek to do work with strong objectivity (Sandra Harding) and impact validity (Sean Massey), using both mainstream and innovative methods, interrupting silences as well as ensuring that research-driven information is informing the increasing public discourse about gender and sexuality. We make our own research and that of others, as well as approaches to research and commentary on the issues of the day available.